Working with the Cycles of the Moons

Each moon cycle, from new moon to new moon, is a good way to work on intentions and projects that benefit from seasonal attunement or being part of a year-long spiritual practice instead of just being another tick on a to-do list. People have worked with the moon cycles for ages as a way to bring a natural rhythm to their work. Traditionally, people do the following;

  • New moon - Thinking about intentions and work for the cycle; writing them down and planning.
  • First quarter moon - Making the intentions real; the time to use your energy to do what you said you would do
  • Full moon - Your work is done; this is the time to rest and bask in what you’ve created and start reaping the rewards
  • Third quarter moon - the time to ground yourself and see how things have played out. Be grateful for what worked, let go of what didn’t.

We have divided up the moons of the year into early, mid, and late-season. Each portion of the season has a specific nature, and tasks that suggest themselves naturally to that time. January, for example,  is obviously cold and deep into mid winter. Possibly a good time to explore new things, the unknown. This is a time to work with the deep energy of the season, not ease into it or anticipate the next.

For each new moon, we will suggest seasonal work that you might want to think about as you form your own intentions. Sometimes it’s hard to start with a blank slate! For ourselves too, we’ve decided that we will also work with oracle decks or tarot cards to come up with actionable intentions for moon cycle. We have found that one of the particular challenges of new moon intentions is getting caught up in our thoughts and mental baggage and as a result, being either too goal-oriented or too vague. Picking a card, we hope, will let us be a little more relaxed and expansive with our intentions, and then brainstorm ways we wish to manifest that intention in a creative manner that will be more fun than just coming up with more stuff we need to do. We will share our intentions for the moon cycle so we can report back later.

Each full moon, we will write a personal post on how the cycle worked for us, what we learned and how we felt about it.Which leads to an important point — whatever your intentions are, you should phrase them in a way that is actionable and measurable. The goal isn’t to check things off a list and give yourself a gold star or a big raspberry at the end of the cycle. The point is to be working on something, and have some accountability and some way of seeing your progress. It doesn’t matter how well you do; what matters is that you have a record of your living.

The next new moon is at the end of this month, and we're looking forward to it!

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