Working With Different Pantheons

One of the benefits of being an eclectic pagan is the ability to work with different deities or pantheons as they call to you, but this can also be a bit of a challenge? How do you make sure they’re not conflicting with each other, or that in your attempts to be true to what works for you you’re not watering down each one? One of the best ways we and other people have found to do this is to work with one goddess or culture for a particular area of your practice. Maybe you do your ancestor work with one Goddess, your shadow work with a different one, and your daily devotions with another. This gives each one a certain integrity and respect. We also really enjoy pulling out one of our cardholders to work with each one as a small altar. The little altar makes it easier to focus and to pull everything together in a way that feels meaningful but still simple enough to pull off on a daily basis.