Wheel Of The Year

Wheel of the Year
Direction as we circle the Sun

One of the beautiful things about the Sabbats for us is the visualization of the relation of the Earth to the Sun. The earth moves around the sun in a counterclockwise direction, which makes us wonder why more 'wheel of the year' pictures are not drawn in a counterclockwise direction. This is how we prefer it. We like to see Samhain at the top, and to the left of that, Yule.

This seems to fit reality more. The clockwise direction seems to be a human comfort thing since we are so used to looking at time on watches and clocks move obviously 'clockwise'.

We put Samhain at the top because it is the end of the old year and the beginning of the new one. The size of the yellow cone in the diagram shows how much sun we, the earth, get at that sabbat.

The Earth continues into the darkness of the winter solstice from Samhain. It makes some sense to us how the old Celts looked at the dusk of the day as the end of that day, and the night was the new day starting in darkness. In similar fashion, Samhain can be seen as the dusk of the year, and the darkness of the winter as the new year starting in darkness.

We like this view of things because it reminds us of how much of life begins in darkness and springs forth at the coming of light.

We would love to hear how this resonates with you. Please comment and let us know what you think.

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  1. For no apparent reason I feel very strongly that the wheel of the year turns counter-clockwise even though this is the first time I have ever seen it depicted in that direction! I thought I was the only one and am relieved to find this post.

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