Transition Ritual : Yule to Imbolc

It is so nice that we have now passed Yule and are on the way to Imbolc. The days grow a bit longer each day, and at Imbolc we will be half-way to Spring! This transition is a nice one to remember as it gives us hope in what can be a very cold time of the year.  Often we completely forget the joy of Yule by now.

We will do a short ritual and create a mini-altar in order to stay aware of the Sabbat past, and the Sabbat coming. During the ritual meditation, stretch your arms and imagine each arm reaching each Sabbat. Feel what each one means to you, and appreciate the movement from one to the next.

For stones lets bring Bloodstone from Yule and Amethyst from Imbolc.  For our candle, we have green from Yule and yellow from Imbolc, the green rolled into the yellow. 

We will also burn frankincense since it can be associated with both Sabbats. A scent can bring back the feelings we had at Yule time and at the same time be refreshing for contemplating the approach of Imbolc.

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