Transition from Ostara to Beltane

Wow, on our way to Beltane already! Here in New England, there are buds everywhere finally and some warmth.

The days continue to grow a bit longer each day, and at Beltane the planting season is started (at least indoors). Here, there is still a chance of frost until May 31st.

We will do a short meditation and create a mini-altar in order to stay aware of the Sabbat past, and the Sabbat coming. For stones we will have fluorite for Ostara and carnelian for Beltane. For our candle, we have pink for Ostara and red for Beltane rolled together as one.

For the meditation we will do the normal setup as described in an earlier post []. Then we stretch our arms and imagine each arm reaching back to the time of Ostara, and forward to the time of Beltane. Now, imagine Ostara, with only the promise of Spring, a mere beginning, where it still looked like winter and sometimes felt like it. Now imagine the realization of Spring at Beltane and see how Earth will be nearly in full bloom. Hold these thoughts and feel the flourishing of Spring deep inside you.

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