Transition from Imbolc to Ostara

Transition Items

It is so nice that we have now passed Imbolc and are on the way to Ostara.

The days continue to grow a bit longer each day, and at Ostara it will be Spring at last! It is time to begin planning for things we do outside.

We will do a short meditation and create a mini-altar in order to stay aware of the Sabbat past, and the Sabbat coming. For stones lets bring Amethyst from Imbolc and fluorite for Ostara. For our candle, we have yellow from Imbolc and pink for Ostara, the yellow rolled into the pink.

For the meditation we will do the normal setup as described in an earlier post []. Then we stretch our arms and imagine each arm reaching back to the time of Imbolc, and forward to the time of Ostara. Now, Imagine the cold of Imbolc and how the Earth was still in so much shadow. Imagine the promise of warmth at Ostara and see how Earth will have more sunlight. We hold these thoughts until the anticipation of Spring is very real.

We look forward to writing the Ostara post.

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