One of the first things a new wiccan/witch/pagan will do is set up an altar (or several!). An altar is a sacred space you create with a varying range of items that helps you focus on your spirituality. People create meditation altars, altars to specific gods and goddesses, or altars for daily devotionals. Unless you’re following a specific path or system that dictates what you do, it’s totally up to you!

A basic all-purpose altar is likely to include representations of the elements, a candle, your other tools, and miscellaneous items that reflect your spiritual path. It can be totally simple if you need it. Using rocks to represent elements is a great way to avoid having to work with multiple candles, especially if you have to carry your altar to someplace private, or put it up and take it down whenever you want to use it. However you do it, it should be beautiful and comfortable for YOU!