The State of the Raven, January 2019

Raven in a World Tree has been busy this year! It hasn't seemed like it from the state of the blog, but maybe that's why! We went to Readers' Studio, where we hobnobbed with a bunch of tarot geeks for a whole weekend and got a great new idea for a tarot deck (which we're keeping to ourselves right now!). We also spent the entire month of October vending in Salem, Massachusetts, which was exhausting! Not only were we there every weekend, but we spent most of September upping our inventory and getting ready. 

We currently have four books we've written, which is amazing considering we started off the year with one. Now, in addition to the Workbook of Shadows, we've got the Workbook of Sabbats, the Workbook of Tarot, and the Workbook of the Moon. They're all available on our Etsy store, Raven In a World Tree. The Etsy store has been really popular, and we've fulfilled 450 orders so far this year!

Also, we've put our books and boards in a wonderful new collaborative artists gallery in Salem, MA called Hive and Forge. They're on Church Street right off of Washington Street, and it's a wonderful place to visit. If you stop by, check out our setup (shown in the picture above) in a cute little hutch at the back of the store. 

This year, we're going to be focusing on making new products and adding new designs to our existing product line. We'd also love to have more of a presence here and connect with the community. It's been such a busy year that that's one of the things that has fallen by the wayside, as well as much of our own personal practices. We're looking forward to meeting the new year with dedication, excitement, and engagement. May the new year treat you well, and best wishes to all!

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