The Air Element

air element
air element

The element of Air is a little trickier to work with than Earth, which we talked about last week. I mean, we can't see air, and it's definitely less tangible than the other elements. You can feel Earth, Fire, and Water, but Air? Not so much.

Air is about expansion, movement, quickness, and freedom. Air is the sharpness of an eagle's vision soaring overhead and the soft brush of a dove's feather. It's the whoosh of a sword or sound of your breathing. It's what's in between heaven and earth, and it's what fuels fire to burn. 

Traditionally, the element of Air is associated with East, for the rising of the sun and the beginning of things such as new ideas. It is often correlated with the color yellow.

Many people  incorporate Air into your altar and rituals by burning smudge or incense, and watching the smoke as it rises or directing it towards them and others with a fan or a feather. If you can't use incense or don't like the scent, you can have something that represents air like a feather or a candle. The most common smudge bundles are generally white sage, but not everyone likes the smell. Try making a smudge bundle out of local plants--just make sure you know what they are and that they're not poisonous when burned!

You can also connect to air with your own breath, feeling it move in and out of your body. Working with air is a great way to focus your mind or calm your thoughts in preparation for grounding and centering. It's also a great way to seal a spell or a craft with your intent; there's nothing like the power of your own breath to infuse something with that extra note.

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