I know this is a little late, but here’s a recap of some of my favorite things that I think would make great gifts for Wiccan or Pagans this holiday season. Whether you want to buy something special for a friend or for yourself, here’s 10 ideas for you.

  1. The Spirit Cats Moon + Sun 2023 Calendar from Nicole Piar, available at her Etsy Shop is just the right size to fit by a desk or a coffeemaker and provide a whimsical note to keeping track of the days. It has astrological data and the moon phases and is the kind of second calendar that someone can always use.
  2. The Whole and Holy Goddess Devotional by Molly Remer, found along with many other wonderful items like little goddess statues in her Etsy shop Brigid’sGrove.
  3. Any of the gift sets at HanaqPacha on Etsy, like the Palo Santo Gift Box or the Organic Rose Water. Their sprays smell amazing, especially the Palo Santo Spray w/Rose and Wild Tobacco. This is some great stuff–but of course you’d have to get some for yourself so you can smell it.
  4. Many people love to journal, and would undoubtedly appreciate a leather journal cover from Chic Sparrow. They make them in a multitude of sizes and leathers, and your friends will thank you (or curse you) for getting them addicted to these.
  5. If you’re looking for a non-binary, queer tarot deck, the Fifth Spirit Tarot comes out on Amazon on December 20th. To quote the description, “The artwork lovingly features folks of different races, body shapes, abilities, ages, and gender expressions. Instead of renaming the cards for gender-neutrality, Fifth Spirit seeks to challenge the gender binary and expand notions of gender through the juxtaposition of traditional title and queered imagery.” You can probably get your hands on it at a local Barnes & Noble the same day.
  6. I came across wxy oudh incense at a little shop in Salem, and fell in love. It’s a little bit of a splurge, but it comes in a reusable concrete box with a brass plate for burning the incense. The whole setup looks so simple and gorgeous, and has really elevated my morning routine. And even better, the box is reusable and fits a small tarot deck. Squee! The cheapest I’ve found it is here at Terma Goods.
  7. Anything from WilderaArt on Etsy. I got a wonderful Moon Runes Divination Set, and her Wildera Lenormand is gorgeous. Everything is wood burned by hand, and the decks have a wonderful brown/sepia woodsy feel to them.
  8. If you know that someone is working with a specific intention or planet in mind for the new year, you can shop by color at JetPens and get them something in a color that matches that intention, like a bottle of Pilot Iroshizuku Ka-juku ink and a Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop fountain pen.
  9. The Gentle Tarot now comes in a mini edition in a tin. This tarot deck is so sweet, and yes — gentle, and would be a wonderful present for someone who’s into animals and ecology. You can find it here on Etsy, along with the larger version and a guidebook in the shop.
  10. And finally, there’s our own Wiccan Toolkit, available here in our Etsy shop. It’s a fun gift for someone who needs a little more ritual in their life.

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