Magic with Tarot: The Two-Card Spell

Magic is largely a matter of intention, will, and practice. A lot of people, when they just start out with Wicca or as an eclectic practitioner, spend a lot of time practicing spells. Often people are drawn to wicca because they want to create massive change in their lives or they’re finding a new sense of power after being raised in a religion or… Read More


Book Review: The Art of Witch

There’s so many “new witch” books flooding the market these days, it’s hard to tell the difference between many of the — but “The Art of Witch” by Fiona Horne stands out from the crowd. It isn’t just because of the black, flocked cover and the red ribbon bookmark, though I very much appreciate a book that hits it out of the park in… Read More


Tools of the Trade: The Athame

An athame (pronounced A-thayme) is a ceremonial knife, usually associated with the element of fire. It’s used to direct energy; a lot of people use it to cast a circle for ritual. They tend to be black and double-edged, but as with everything in your choice of tools your own preference is an important factor. Here, we’re showing you an athame made out of… Read More

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Water Magic

Water magic is about releasing, accepting, flowing around obstacles, anything you might imagine that water is, helps, or does.  There are many creative ways to work with water. You can do a meditation or a spell in the shower or when you wash your hands, or take a purifying ritual bath as a more special occasion. You can bless your water bottle with a… Read More


Fire Magic

Fire Magic is a great “entry level” way to get into spells for new practitioners because, well, candles. Most people enjoy candles and they’re easy to find these days in all sorts of colors and sizes. Candles make it really easy to do fire magic in a safe, confined way.  The main consideration with candles is whether you want to burn your candle to… Read More


Boundaries and Protection

Let’s talk about boundaries and protection. Many people turn to witchcraft because they want to take control of their lives and feel powerful. These are great goals, but keep in mind that when it comes down to taking care of yourself, the romance and attraction of spells and magic won’t get you that far — it all really comes down to practical skills and… Read More