Spiritual Insight – Moon Candle Holders

When it comes to life, and the spiritual life, little things really can make a difference. If you've just discovered a spiritual path, it's easy to feel like you need to do everything at once. If you're on a well-worn path it's sometimes hard to get out of your ruts and do things differently, or not lose your practice because the novelty has worn off.

Each month, we will offer you a suggestion for an easy, visual thing you can do to bring your spiritual life into your daily life. This month, we'd love to show you something we did that came about rather accidentally. A while ago, Sue picked up these two wrought iron candlesticks at a consignment store with no purpose in mind--they were just neat. Daniel decided they'd be great holders for our new moon and full moon candles, and that we could switch them between the candlesticks to help us remember and look forward to whichever was next--sometime before the full moon we switch the candles so that the white candle is on the higher one, and then swap them back in anticipation of the new moon. They're simple, and look really beautiful, and we love them.

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