Introduction to Monthly Meditations

Many meditations are complicated to remember, or require you to record them to get any benefit. Each month we will provide a simple meditation in a basic format that will allow you to meditate–simply–on a topic.

Working with the Cycles of the Moons

Each moon cycle, from new moon to new moon, is a good way to work on intentions and projects that benefit from seasonal attunement or being part of a year-long spiritual practice instead of just being another tick on a to-do list.

Transition Ritual : Yule to Imbolc

It is so nice that we have now passed Yule and are on the way to Imbolc. The days grow a bit longer each day, and at Imbolc we will be half-way to Spring! This transition is a nice one to remember as it gives us hope in what can be a very cold time of the year. Often we completely forget the joy of Yule by now.

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The Monthly Altar

The purpose of a monthly altar is to connect you to the energies of the season and help you make your spiritual life more tangible. Having an altar is a way to remind yourself of who and where you are. Having something visible, in front of you, make it easier to stop and reflect.

About Seasons and Transitions

Life is a string of events and transitions. All of the ups and downs in life are transitions from one state of mind to another. We try to control these transitions in our lives but for some things we cannot. Life can be somewhat unpredictable, but of course that makes it more interesting.

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Introductory Post

Raven In A World Tree

Welcome to our new web site, Raven in a World Tree. Our focus is helping you bring the Old Ways into modern living. Catering to Pagans, Wiccans, and all open-minded spirits, the intent of this site is to help you include your spirituality in the busy-ness of day to day living.

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