Have you seen our Portable SpellStations? We made these for people who either need to keep a discreet altar or want to do some work on the go. They’re also handy for those of us with overly full altars who find we need a simple place to do spell work or work with oracle or tarot cards.

The Portable SpellStations come in a handy black velvety bag for easy transport, and come with a clear disk and ten circular papers. Use the papers to write a spell on, and put under the disk with a tea light on top, or put colored paper disks underneath to do all color work with a simple white tea light. We also sell supplemental planetary, zodiacal, and elemental disks. Sorry, but the bee disk is kind of a tease–they usually come with either a pentacle or a cross-quarter disk.

Even better, these are sized to fit medium-sized Society6 bags, which come in all sorts of really cool designs. What better way to be witchy on the go?