Our Seasonal Altar

So this is what our “seasonal” altar looks like, before we love it up a little for Mabon. We used to do a full-on seasonal altar, with somewhat over-the-top decor themed for Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall, but that got confusing. Spring often didn’t feel like spring yet, here in New England, or early summer felt totally different than late summer and who knew what to do in fall when there’s early fall and almost winter, with Samhain sandwiched in the middle.

We’d decorate it for the sabbats, too, but the problem was as soon as the sabbat was over we weren’t ready to figure out what to do next, and then felt bad looking at the outdated decorations.

This year, we decided to go simple. Hecate’s there all year-round, as is the labradorite and the rose quartz sphere. We rotate out the mat underneath, and we’ll probably switch the color of the fur on top. We may throw on a few small decorations for the sabbats, or crystals that particularly resonate, but nothing that makes the altar feel stuck in time. Keeping it simple seems to keep us better in tune with the flowing nature of time and the seasons, and the uncluttered space makes it usable as an actual altar that one might use every day. It’s working so far!