Ostara is a Favorite Time for us

Spring Setting

This is what ChatGPT says;

“At this moment, the Earth’s axis is inclined at an angle of about 23.5 degrees with respect to its orbit around the Sun, and the equinox occurs when the Sun is directly above the equator, with the tilt of the Earth’s axis causing the length of the day and night to be approximately equal everywhere on Earth. After the spring equinox, the days in the northern hemisphere start to become longer than the nights, and the opposite happens in the southern hemisphere.”

I like the thought that days and nights are equal in length all around the world. We can contemplate this as we celebrate whatever is going on in our own part of Earth, our own reality. Here in the northeast USA, there is much snow on the ground but warmer temperatures. The Sun is also doing a better job of melting the snow, and warming us up. It feels like a very hopeful time, especially when taking a moment with eyes closed and face turned upwards to the Sun.

Blessed Be.

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