March New Moon

It's been interesting working with the moon cycles, and trying to figure out what works best for us. Last full moon we realized that what we'd been doing hadn't quite been working, that we weren't really using the potential of the moon cycles to get us anywhere. Setting an overall intention and having a few action items to do got us moving, but it didn't give us anything to reflect on come the full moon. We'd checked a few things off (or didn't), but that wasn't the point. We decided we needed to work with something specific in a focused manner in the short period of time between the new and the full moons. It shouldn't be that hard to hold ourselves accountable for less than two weeks, right?

Daniel decided he wants to start meditating and journaling regularly again. He's going to do this three times a week, though he hasn't decided yet when to fit that in to his day. He figures he'll try a few different things and then come the full moon, reflect back on what worked best for him.

He chose the High Priestess card from his deck (The Witches Tarot Deck by Ellen Cannon Reed)  for this month to reflect going inward, and picked the "Initiation" oracle card from The Connected and Free oracle deck.​ His crystals are amethyst, opaline, and a fluorite generator. 

Sue​ really wants to pay attention to her health and exercise routine, and has been frustrated that she hasn't been able to make many changes. She's going
to drink her Shakeology and take her vitamins daily, take a relaxing bath twice a week as part of a real self-care plan, and do gentle yoga twice a week. She's also going to try and steer clear of wheat and see if it makes her feel any better. 

She picked The Sun from The Wild Unknown deck to represent radiant health and vitality, and the "Expectation"​ oracle card from the Connected and Free oracle deck. Her crystals are an orange calcite palm stone, a polished garnet, and a red hematite quartz generator. 

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