Magic with Tarot: The Two-Card Spell

Magic is largely a matter of intention, will, and practice. A lot of people, when they just start out with Wicca or as an eclectic practitioner, spend a lot of time practicing spells. Often people are drawn to wicca because they want to create massive change in their lives or they’re finding a new sense of power after being raised in a religion or environment that didn’t suit them. 

Once we get a little bit older and buried in the hectic challenges of daily life, or find ourselves much more settled, it becomes harder to find a reason to do spellwork. After all, isn’t it being self-centered to ask for more when we don’t really need anything?

But spellwork isn’t only about causing change in the world, it’s about causing change in ourselves–and most of us can still use a good amount of this. Most of us have intentions we don’t really follow through on, or goals we aren’t making progress on because they’re not a part of our daily life.  

A lot of people do a daily draw, but have you ever tried a daily “spell” with your tarot cards? This is a great way to practice working with intention and envisioning your goals on a daily basis. Pull two cards, and write something (rhyming helps) that inspires you to do something or be your best in a very specific manner.

You can either write in the manner “first this, then that,” or “because of this, then that,” or you can wrap them both into one statement. It’s an interesting challenge to take two presumably random cards and figure out what they mean to you in the context of who you are and what you plan on doing for the day. It’s not often enough that we start a day with a specific intention in mind!

Here’s an example (cards from M. Meleen’s Rosetta Tarot Gold Edition).

“With brightest heart and passion unfurled,
 I shine my light upon the world.”
(Ace of Sceptres and The World)