January New Moon Cycle – Mid Winter

This is the first new moon for Raven In a World Tree--one of many beginnings. Here we are, deep into mid winter, snow sliding off the roof and the clover long-buried under a white blanket. We've decided to start our moon cycles off with the new moon, focusing on intentions for the month and bringing things into fruition.

This can be an intimidating process, and we have both on occasions brought our new moon intention journals out to the table, stared at them, and poured wine instead of writing. It's also too easy to be an overachiever, whether through temperament or desire, and write down things that are either way too big, or out of our control (Sue remembers the time she wrote "build house" in the journal and was sorely disappointed that month. Don't do that to yourself). 

Regardless of how you decide to work with the moon's cycles, it’s hard to start with a blank slate. We have also found that one of the particular challenges of new moon intentions is getting caught up in our thoughts and mental baggage and, as a result, being either too goal-oriented or too vague. This year we’ve decided to experiment with working  with our tarot cards to come up with actionable intentions for moon cycle. For the new moon, each of us will pick a tarot card that strikes us and aligns with what we wish to create. Picking a card, we hope, will let us be a little more relaxed and expansive with our intentions, yet also very clear and specific. Using this card, we will brainstorm ways we wish to manifest that intention-- but in a creative manner that will be more fun than just coming up with more stuff we need to do. We also decided to add an element of synchronicity and anti-control-freakness (there should be a word for that) and each randomly choose an oracle card. Besides, it allows us to make a really cool grid of the cards. 

At the full moon, we will review how this worked for us and any brilliant revelations we have to share.

​Daniel: The Fool, from the Witches Tarot by Ellen Cannon Reed, and Heart, from the Connected and Free Oracle Deck. Ok, so here goes. It is mid-winter, Imbolc is approaching. This brings to mind thoughts of seeds being planted for ideas and projects to grow. His intention this month is to study the Heart Chakra and focus on its energies and to focus on tangible projects. Specific action items are:

  • Study the Heart Chakra and post findings
  • Come up to one or two specific tangible projects.
  • Establish project first phase.

Sue: Warrior Fire (Ace of Wands) from Emily Carding's Tarot of the Sidhe, and The Heart Chakra from the same oracle deck. Her intention for this month is to work with the energy of fire and bring it into her life in a consistent manner. It's too easy to be a slug this time of year, or frankly any time of year, and she finds it difficult to bring her energy up to do the things she wants to do. She has much of the water element in her, and would like to be able to integrate more fire into her life. As far as the Heart Chakra goes, she notes that it is the middle chakra, and a very watery one through which everything else flows. Again, water and fire. Her specific action items are:

  • When she goes to karate, remembering that it  is something she wants to do and that she enjoys the movement, rather than thinking that it's such a long day and it's one more thing to do and OMG that couch is so comfortable.
  • Drinking warming tea more frequently; maybe packing some teabags in a special tin in her bag.
  • Moving more and listening to lively music.
  • Visualizing a warm fire in her belly and choosing to actively engage with chores and daily events instead of reacting like a grumpy puddle of water that wants to stay in the bottom of its jar. 
  • Working with the fire element by lighting more candles, maybe using more warm colors in her bullet journal and wardrobe, and working with the Bonefire Tarot by Gabs Angus-West. 

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