Introduction to Monthly Meditations

Each month we will present a simple meditation based on a specific suggestion. It is up to you to add details and tailor it to what you want, but it is usually better to keep it simple so you are not distracted with remembering the details during the meditations. This is a common problem with many meditations. The purpose to each meditation should be your focus, not trying to remember the sequence of the meditation or worrying about whether you should record it so you don't have to remember. We will keep to a basic format for all the meditations, as described below.

You may also want to have a journal ready so you can record any feelings, thoughts, and information you have after the meditation.​​

The basic steps:

  • Sit relaxed and focus on the chakras from root to spirit.
  • Stay silent as you feel the energy of each chakra.
  • When you get to the crown chakra, imagine a sphere of white light pouring over you to protect you.
  • Go to your favorite place and sit silent.
  • Think clearly about your intent or purpose for this meditation.
  • Get up and walk to your mentor, god, or goddess.
  • Focus on this meditations intent. Stay a while and see if you get answers.
  • Be thankful, and walk back to your beginning place. Stay silent, then let go of the chakra energies in reverse order.
  • Place your hands on the floor to release any built up energy.
  • Write about your experience in a meditation journal.​

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