Interior Design 

Here at Raven in a World tree we pride ourselves at creating, curating, and finding tools and treasures to make your life beautiful and functional. We attend the national gem shows and visit the well-known carvers and creators in order to bring you the best. We work with local interior designers as well as the individual wanting something special for their home. If you are an interior designer and would like to see some of the items we can source, you can see them here.

We also have information here to help you learn the basics of the range of design elements you might want to incorporate into your life.

Designing a Spiritual Home

Your home is the reflection of your internal life and also a way in which you can enrich and enable your own particular spirituality and what matters to you. We bring you products and ideas for making your home reflect you, and offer tips for how you might decorate the areas of your home with a particular attention to crystals and crystal skulls.

We also work with interior designers to personally shop for one-of-a-kind items at the national gem shows. We’ll be updating this soon with pictures of what we saw and what we might find for you in Tucson in 2023!

Designing Your Year

Design isn’t only about decorating, but also about your time and how you exist in it. Most earth-based spiritualities have some kind of celebration system based on the Wheel of the Year. We’ll be providing links to articles about how to design a year that works for you and help you understand the sabbats and the solstices.

Designing Your Time

Living a spiritual life on a day to day level can be challenging! We’ll offer tips on how to work spirituality into your daily life, ideas on rituals and reflections, and ways to work with the lunar cycles and the smaller cycles within the year.