At Imbolc we are halfway through winter and that much closer to spring. If you're not living an agrarian lifestyle, it's sometimes hard to get a feel for this holiday, especially if it's still cold and snowy. On some days now, though, one can sense the returning warmth of the Sun. Even on the cold days of February, if protected from the wind and in the Sun, the growing warmth is evident. Flu season is past, spring catalogs are starting to come in the mail, and it's getting easier to notice the days growing longer. Yet, it's still a quiet time, a pause before the activity of Spring, which makes it a good time for going within and recharging your own energy.

This is a good time to start whatever long term plans you might want to set in motion. Cold days indoors combined with new hope for spring makes for some cozy planning time. Start gathering the base details for your projects or goals. Embrace the hope and the promise of the return to Spring. Today we will create our February altar, and it will also serve us for Imbolc acknowledgement.

You can do a meditation for appreciation of the approach to Spring, or a simple ritual, or just stop and feel gratitude and anticipation when you walk by your altar. 

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