Being Wiccan – Part 1

When you're just starting out on your spiritual path, it's easy to get lost in the complexity of things  or to be confused by all the possibilities and options. It's hard even to figure out whether you're a Wiccan, a Witch, a Pagan, or an eclectic mix of any or all of those.

But it's important to realize that regardless of what path you choose, there's a foundation that you need to build to grow your spiritual practice. And in a way, that makes it easier. You don't need to everything at once, or even at all.

This post is about being wiccan and what that means at the most basic level. In other words, how do you build a foundation from what you have, what you are, before you add on all the different rooms of magical practice or philosophy that might construct your ultimate house?

 We will leave Goddesses and Gods, popular correspondences, and legends and stories out of the conversation and only talk about the basics that all can likely agree on. Regardless of your particular leanings or philosophy, there are several basic things you might want to work on before you build further on your practice or decide what you want to call yourself. This is the first of several posts. We will be discussing the basic tools of Wicca with no complications added.​


One of the most important things for the wiccan to do is meditation. This is where we can find knowledge and answers to questions. It’s a time where we can refocus our lives, or deal with stress in our lives. Most importantly, at a time where you want answers and confirmation that you're on the right path you need to be able to have a way to check in with the only, and ultimate, authority--yourself. Even if you believe that there is a higher power, or spirit guides that know better than you what you should do, it's in meditation that you will find the stillness to hear these voices.

Why does meditation work so well? Because much of the things we need to learn are already within us. In doing meditation you may actually find a spirit guide, or a guardian. The guide may provide you answers and knowledge or just comfort. It is very important to try and make time for meditations, even if they are short and simple. Meditations can also improve with practice. Over time you may find that you are relaxing into a meditation more quickly, and feeling much more benefit from it. Don't chastise yourself for being bad at it, or only being able to meditate for a minute or two, badly. There is no judgement here.

Meditation is also a  place where we focus on the intent of a spell or ritual purpose. This is where we imagine the spell working which is a large part of how the power works. We can for another example, visit with the Elementals to learn more about them. Each Elemental; Earth, Air, Water, and Fire has their own personalities and energies. The more you learn about them, and feel close to them the more you will understand how to use them in your rituals, spells, and day to day life.

There are several ways to meditate, and much has been written about it. When you're just starting out, it can be helpful to use a guided meditation in order to get to a mental place where you can sit quietly for a few minutes. If you can't find one of those, you can simply light a candle and focus on the flame, and just be present with your thoughts for a short while. The point is to sit long enough that your mental chatter passes and you find a moment (and yes, it might be only a moment) of stillness.

Always remember to use meditation not only for your regular spiritual practice, but for re-focusing on the things that are important to you when life's complications get overwhelming.​

Up next, the Moon phases.​

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