How do I Set up Directional or Elemental Altars?

elemental altars
elemental altars

We've been talking about the elements in the blog recently, but that may still leave you puzzled with how to actually work with the elements or integrate them into your daily life.

A confession: we just set up some elemental altars. We've been practicing for YEARS, and we finally just did this. So don't feel bad or lame if you think you're behind, because you're not. It's not a competition, it's a journey.

Many people associate the elements with the cardinal directions, and set up altars in their homes as close to these directions as possible. Here's a description of the altars and how we did it, from top left, clockwise. The little goddesses that pull them all together are from Brigid's Grove on Etsy, and the candles and stones are from various places.

North -- The Earth element. Near a window in our bedroom. Dedicated to all things solid and "earthy," with a bit of a druid flair. The goddess here is Druantia, the Queen of the Druids and protector of the trees. It tends to be quiet and not that bright here, and it's a great place to stand and get centered in the morning.

South -- The Fire element. In the dining area in the South-facing bay window. The goddess here is Sunna, the Norse fire goddess. This is a great place for the color orange and carnelian.

East -- The Air element. This is on the desk in our study that we use for packaging up our items. It's perfect for the room in which we think, create new products, and work on writing projects. The goddess is Aurora, the Roman goddess of the dawn.

West -- The Water element. Conveniently, the window in our kitchen just above the sink faces West. What better way to mingle with the water element than when you're doing dishes or washing your hands? The goddess here is named after the sacred Scottish island of Iona, and she's stunning. 

At the moment we're still reworking our mornings, but I'm thinking it would be a really nice morning ritual to walk from altar to altar with some sage smudge to start off the day.  Even if we don't do that, though, it's been really wonderful to come across these altars and think a little bit about the elements at various points of the day. 

We'd love to hear about your elemental altars, and see some pictures!

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