Full Moon

Full Moon n Wolf
Full Moon n Wolf

Each full moon we review how we did with our new moon intentions, and see what worked and what didn't, and how we might want to change things for the next cycle. It's an ongoing process, and we're learning a lot about how to pace ourselves, and work with our own energies as well as those of the moon. Just as the tides go in and out, so does the flow of our own energy. We found that the past two weeks went incredibly fast, and made us initially feel like we hadn't accomplished anything.

But how silly is that? Our whole focus is on how to merge our spiritual life with "daily" life, and this means that sometimes, life steers us from our original intentions and gives us other opportunities instead. This is how it often works. Life rarely goes according to plan. I think that it is important to not forget any missed intentions and keep bringing them back. Eventually, they will get done.‚Äč It's also important to realize that working with the moon is not a competition. Did you do something once? Good for you. Take the time at the full moon to reflect on that experience, and cherish it for its contribution to your life.

We went to a Tarot reading conference in New York two weekends ago, and we also had an open studio ‚Äčlast weekend. These things filled our time with much learning and a chance to look forward to future possibilities. Here's how we fared with our initial intentions amidst the busy-ness of the past few weeks:

DANIEL: I did not do much with my intention. We were busy with several things that I allowed to get in the way. I had intended to do more meditations especially related to the Brow Chakra (third eye) and the Stars tarot card. I can make excuses, but that does not really help. I will make an effort to do at least two meditations within the next week and add in the Full Moon energy.

Sue: Woohoo! I win this month! (Oops, nope, not a competition!) I learned how to make crystal tonics, and made one for fighting inflammation and one for energy boost (Tiger Water!). They've got a little apple cider vinegar in them, and I've been enjoying that slightly tangy taste in my water pretty much daily as a reminder of my intention to take care of myself in small ways.

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