February New Moon

Raven In a World Tree begins its second cycle on the 26th New Moon --another of many beginnings. We are approaching Ostara now, the the next moon phase brings us so close! It is an exciting time to begin thinking of work and play and getting outside!

As we did last month, each of us will pick a tarot card that strikes us and aligns with what we wish to create. Picking a card, we hope, will let us be a little more relaxed and expansive with our intentions, yet also very clear and specific. Using this card, we will brainstorm ways we wish to manifest that intention-- but in a creative manner that will be more fun than just coming up with more stuff we need to do. We also decided to add an element of synchronicity and anti-control-freakness (there should be a word for that) and each randomly choose an oracle card. Besides, it allows us to make a really cool grid of the cards.

At the full moon, we will review how this worked for us and any brilliant revelations we have to share.

​Daniel: Last month I studied the Heart Chakra for a bit. I liked doing this, and since I started looking at a Chakra Kit for a project, I will continue with studying the chakras and this month look at the Root Chakra.  For my tarot card this month I choose the Magician, where thought comes to form. The Magician card shows the tools of the Elements. I need to study the elements along with each Chakra. I will use these energies to aid in creating projects.

  • Study the Root Chakra and post findings
  • Study appropriate Elemental as it applies to the root chakra
  • Continue on the Chakra Kit - get  a prototype made
  • Plan Elemental Kits

​For her tarot card, Sue picked the Three of Stones from the Chrysalis Tarot. For her, this represents making sure a plan that's underway has a firm foundation. After getting the blogs going the past month or so, it's time to back up a little and ground some things that need attention, like exercise and karate practice, and spending a few quiet moments at her altar in the morning. She's testing for her black belt later this spring, and really needs to work on some fundamentals to her technique as well as just getting in shape.  Ironically, she picked the Crown Chakra oracle card, which is pretty much the exact opposite to "fundamentals.". This reminds her that balance is needed, and that inspiration and connection are a vital part of sticking with new habits.

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