February Full Moon

The cycle continues now past Imbolc to the Full Moon in February. This is such a special time each month, when the night is bright and we can see creatures scampering around outside under the moonlight. We can honor the goddess, and ourselves, either in quiet dignity or loud parties. We also look for manifestation of one or more of the intentions we set at the previous New Moon.

At the last New Moon we tried to keep our intentions to attainable goals. Daniel was to study the heart chakra and specify some project starts. While Sue had set a few personal goals. Now that the Full Moon is here, we describe where we are with these items and what we have learned, and also what will be continued.


"For studying the heart chakra I used "The Book of Chakras" by Ambika Wauters. To really learn the chakra it is good to look at it as it relates to the physical, the emotional, and the mental aspects of ourselves. Physically, it is associated with the heart, lungs, and circulation -- obviously all very important. Emotionally, it is about love. Love of oneself and others. And mentally it is about our ability to hold onto positive ways we think about ourselves.

For balance, we must focus on all of these things. If we lack in any, we can teach ourselves by positive re-enforcement.

A very effective way to focus on these it to use affirmations and a meditation. From Wauter's book, I used the provided affirmations reading them each morning and night while sitting quietly. I did the meditation when time allowed. It is a very nice way to reassure ourselves of our self-worth. By all means, you may want to find similar readings to help you do the same. Or, find the book mentioned above.

​For projects I started working on an element block and a chakra kit. No more can be said now, but hopefully they will be available before too long."


"​It made a huge difference to me, reminding myself before going to karate that this was my "fire" time, and that it was something I wanted to do. 

​I've cooked a lot of new things the past few weeks, and even though my schedule has been pretty full with driving the kids around all the time and trying to get stuff done, the energy has felt different -- in a good way. Making new food has been a big thing; it's usually pretty hard to pull that off, having to look through recipes, pick one, put stuff on a list, shop, and then cook (wow, just writing that makes me tired). 

But I think I've learned that ​a very small ember can keep a fire going, and that stepping up with that initial energy can make a huge difference."

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