We get asked this a lot, since there’s so many books out there it’s hard to tell what you need when. Our Workbook of Shadows and Workbook of Sabbats are intended for the new wiccan/pagan/eclectic, though certainly someone who’s been practicing for a while might get something out of them. It’s always useful to go back to basics and reality check yourself!

The idea behind them is to help ground you in a practice that is meaningful to you, rather than overwhelming you with information. These workbooks guide you through prompts that encourage you to think about what you enjoy doing and how you can tailor a practice to fit your circumstances and preferences. There’s plenty of books that will give you all the information you need, but that can be like drinking from a fire hose–and even if you don’t choke, much of what you read is most useful once you have idea of what’s important to you in picking and choosing.