So you bought a blue candle for spell or ritual work ages ago and it’s been sitting around since then. But what can you do with it now? Reusing your tools is a good way to keep your practice fresh, learn new things, and also keep your house from getting cluttered with all the witchy things. Here’s five ways to bring that candle back into rotation.

Use for elemental water magic and ritual.

Connecting to the elements is an important part of witchcraft and most nature-based forms of spirituality. Doing this can be difficult if you work full-time, have seasonal allergies, or live somewhere where the weather prevents you from going outside comfortably. You can ring nature in through your thought and intention, though. Your blue candle can represent the sweetness of your favorite lake, much needed rain, or the liquid nurturing all the plants around you. You can also use the candle to invoke the flowing energy of water and its ability to wear away any restriction that tries to confine it.

Connect with your intuition.

Burn your blue candle when you’re journalling, reading tarot or oracle cards, or drawing. Burning a candle is a great way to create sacred space for yourself and cue your brain into letting go of its chore lists and worries. The calming blue energy of the candle will help you relax and get into the mindspace of being in a state flow and creativity.

Work with Archangel Michael.

Even if you haven’t worked with angels before, this can be an interesting exercise. You don’t need to be Christian or believe in God to work with the archangels. Many people see them as representations of specific energies or guardian spirits. Work with Archangel Michael when you feel you need protection or healing or need to blast through an obstacle.

Do throat chakra work.

Many of us have times where we feel like we’re not being heard or are having difficulty expressing what needs to be said. We could also be dealing with shyness, or with childhood trauma around self-expression. Burning a blue candle with intention while meditating or journaling can help you address these issues. You can also do this without a specific issue in mind, just as a way to regularly pay attention to your chakras and keep them functioning optimally.

Brainstorm spells and rituals

Explore all the color associations of the color blue. They go beyond just intuition or throat chakra work. A short google search can give you many ideas for little rituals or spells you can do to accompany affirmations or to pepper your daily life with a little bit of magic. For example, you can work to increase trust in the universe, or energize your self go “go for the blue ribbon.”

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