Color Associations

Over the past month or two I decided to look into the Chakras and at the same time the Elements. Both of these topics have color associations. This brought me to delving deeper  into colors and their associations. I wondered how colors became associated with certain chakras and also certain Elements.

In this post, I will focus on the Element colors.

It turns out that the association of the Elements with particular colors matches what is called the 'psychology of colors'. If the Elemental associations did not come from there, things certainly line up anyway.

Red. This color is associated with the Element of Fire. In the psychology of color, red is the color of power, motivation, leadership, determination, and of course love and the energy that goes along with that. The Element of fire certainly fits this. The Fire Elemental is all about energy, motivation, and power. When doing certain spells we use the energy of fire to aid with determination and potency.

Blue. ​This color is associated with the Element of Water. In the psychology of color, blue is the color of communication, speaking, reliability and responsibility. The Element of Water is quite the same. The Water Element is all about communication, truthfulness. When doing spellwork or ritual, we might include the Water Elementals to aid in speaking clearly and wisely, and also to balance the energies of Fire.

Yellow. This color is associated with the Element of Air. In the psychology of color, yellow is the color of illumination of thought, happiness, creative thought and new ideas. The Element of Air is all about the same types of energies. The Air Elemental is all about the thought process, the creative process, and inspiration. If one meditates on Yellow, one might discover an artistic Muse! When performing spells or ritual, the Air Elemental is included to aid in clear and open thinking. This can allow us to receive information when needed.

Green. This color is associated with the Element of Earth. In the psychology of color, green is the color of​ balance, stability, prosperity, and abundance. The Element of Earth fits well with this perspective. The Earth Element is all about manifestation, taking thought (yellow), and emotional calm (blue) and creating something real. In spellwork or ritual we use the Earth Elemental to aid in manifesting our needs and desires.

It makes total sense that the chosen Elemental color associations would fit the chosen psychology of color association. I am not sure which came first, but it does not really matter. It works the way it is.

But then, what happened to the Chakras? That may be discussed in a future post.

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