Living the Wheel of the Year

It’s always a little weird once Samhain is over, but it seems like way too soon to start thinking about Yule, never mind decorating the altar. We tried just switching over the decorations when it “felt right,” but that still felt really arbitrary and didn’t seem to have any basis in reality.  Here at RWT, we feel like our spirituality is connected with reality,… Read More


Transition to Imbolc

The time between yule and imbolc can be cold, dark, and difficult in much of our country. Many of us suffer from post holiday blues, not to mention bills, which are definitely part of the blues!  The days are short, and even though they’re getting longer, we haven’t really seen the difference yet. It’s just cold, through and through, and by now we’re pretty… Read More

+ Dmitri!

Spring Cleaning

Less than a week away from Spring, and we’re buried in snow. Supposedly there’s even more next week. Spring in New England is always…weird…


Fighting Cabin Fever

Come Spring! The Sun is near but the snow keeps falling here in New England. It is getting difficult staying indoors too much. We took a day trip to Portland Maine yesterday and that sure helped a lot. Now more snow. Ugh. We try to take the Vitamin D to replace the lack of sunshine but it’s just not the same. Ostara hope is… Read More