Blessed Beltane

Spring Green

Spring GreenWe are so happy that it is half way to Summer now. Spring is awesome and exciting but watch out too! Many of us will have some severe weather as the season changes from cold to warm. Many will have much outdoor work to do; take it step by step. Many will feel the… Continue reading Blessed Beltane

Fighting Cabin Fever

SpringCome Spring! The Sun is near but the snow keeps falling here in New England. It is getting difficult staying indoors too much. We took a day trip to Portland Maine yesterday and that sure helped a lot. Now more snow. Ugh. We try to take the Vitamin D to replace the lack of sunshine… Continue reading Fighting Cabin Fever


Ostara Sunrise

Up here in New England, it totally does not seem like Spring. What a joke. We’re dying of cabin fever…


At Imbolc we are halfway through winter and that much closer to spring. If you’re not living an agrarian lifestyle, it’s sometimes hard to get a feel for this holiday, especially if it’s still cold and snowy.

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