Natal Chart Set

Using our Natal Chart Set with tarot cards is SO MUCH FUN! The trimmed Vision Quest Tarot fits it nicely, though regular-sized decks work placed outside the acrylic ring. You can use this to kinesthetically and visually map out what might be coming up for you given your natal chart, or you can just use the houses disk as a way to lay out a… Read More


Portable SpellStations

Have you seen our Portable SpellStations? We made these for people who either need to keep a discreet altar or want to do some work on the go. They’re also handy for those of us with overly full altars who find we need a simple place to do spell work or work with oracle or tarot cards. The Portable SpellStations come in a handy… Read More


FAQ: Who Are Our Books For?

We get asked this a lot, since there’s so many books out there it’s hard to tell what you need when. Our Workbook of Shadows and Workbook of Sabbats are intended for the new wiccan/pagan/eclectic, though certainly someone who’s been practicing for a while might get something out of them. It’s always useful to go back to basics and reality check yourself! The idea… Read More