There’s so many “new witch” books flooding the market these days, it’s hard to tell the difference between many of the — but “The Art of Witch” by Fiona Horne stands out from the crowd. It isn’t just because of the black, flocked cover and the red ribbon bookmark, though I very much appreciate a book that hits it out of the park in the tactile and design department. Where it excels is in its simplicity, authenticity, and wisdom. It aims to be a witchy riff on “The Art of War,” and it succeeds. 

This isn’t a book about which trendy crystals to buy or how to hex your ex. It’s about how to walk in this world as a witch and what that means. Horne writes “The Art of Witch is about connecting with deeper roots – and walking the path of service and healing. After all, Witches’ origins are as healers; our Pagan roots position us as individuals walking a path that bridges the worlds of death and life – close to the earth, close to the sea, close to the sky.”

I wasn’t sure whether I’d find the book too preachy or agenda-driven, given that she writes about service and healing and the environment, but it really comes from a place of integrity and wisdom that comes from having lived a good long while and seen just about everything. We highly recommend it!