Being Wiccan Part 5

Triple Moon
Triple Moon


Herbs and Stones

Triple Moon

Triple Moon

The list of herbs and stones is almost endless. To try and understand all of it can take a lifetime. So the best thing to do is to gradually list your favorites as you use them. Look for the stones and herbs you might need for a particular task be it a spell, a moon ritual, or a meditation. When you search for uses of herbs and stones, you will find many listings. You need to read a few and pick the ones that make sense to you.

With stones, when you find one, be sure to try and connect with it. Learn about it. Meditate with it in your hand and try to get to that moment of Silence.

It really does not matter with stones if someone tells you it is for this and you use it for that. It is important to follow your heart and mind.

With herbs to be ingested, this is different. Be sure to be careful. There is no need to experiment with this because it has mostly all been done and you can google the herb to find out its properties.

For herbs used for scents, again, it is up to you what you use a particular herb for.

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