Being Wiccan – Part 4

The Elements

· The elements are wonderful and powerful things to meditate on, to use, and to learn about. We are talking here about Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Many associate the elements with directions and colors. But this is based on older cultures and may not always feel right to us.

· A wiccan choses their own path, and the details that go with that.

· If you live in a New England beach house, maybe you want East to represent water not air. The idea is that is always up to you how you associate the Elements. I has to make sense to you. Perhaps mediated on it, or step outside and feel what makes sense.

· No one can tell you it is wrong. When it makes sense to you, your spells, meditations, and rituals become more focused, meaningful, and powerful.

· For the color aspect of the elements, we usually do green for Earth, yellow for Air, red for Fire, and blue for Water. Of course, you may choose what makes sense to you.

Once you decide, then you can think about the Elementals that represent each direction. These are beings that are on the Astral plane and carry the energies of the elements. There are many descriptions you can find in books and of course if you google it. Choose your own by what feels right to you. The Elementals are powerful and can give you greater focus when you involve them in your rituals or meditations.

And don't forget to sometimes feel the simple joy of knowing the elements and what they do for us. Basically the elements provide everything! It can be fun to think of how each element contributes to some thing or some object. Also, sometimes it is nice to sit outside and feel each element as it exists. A rain shower, the warm sun, a gentle breeze, and barefeet on the ground. Never stop paying attention to the wonder of the elements.

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