Being Wiccan – Part 3

The Sabbats

The sabbats are a very wonderful part of being Wiccan. They mark the four seasons and the four halfway points between the seasons. You will see so many ideas, stories, rocks, herbs, colors, gods and goddesses associated with each Sabbat that it can be overwhelming.

Some will try to argue that the ancients or their own group or coven is The right way. We need to ignore this. Each culture in the past came up with their correspondences based on their environment, culture, and how they viewed their world.

Obviously, we are in a much different culture now. We may then choose our own correspondences for the Sabbats based on where we live, and what we do in our lives. We pick our deities, our prayers, and our intentions based on our own lives.

For further fun, we can celebrate with others with food, drink, and maybe dance. While at a celebration, keep in mind your own beliefs and feelings.

The Sabbats are a celebration of the cycle of life just like the moon cycle. We should know where the earth is in relation to the sun at each Sabbat and celebrate the different energies.

We can use the Sabbats to schedule events and projects in our lives. Almost everyone will have different priorities during the course of the year.

· Here is a table that shows how different people might want to choose their focus for some of the Sabbats:

Living Beltane Lughnassadh Samhain Yule
SoftwarePrep for next yearBeta TestingFinishingHarvest
RetailSell, prep for autumnFinish buyingSellHarvest
FarmerPlanting/growingSell harvestFinish sellingRest
Tax accountantharvestRead tax lawsPrepBe ready

​Up next, the Elements.

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