Full Moon n Wolf

We say ‘A’ philosophy, not ‘the’ philosophy because one of the wonders of Wicca/Witchcraft is that it is (certainly Should be) up to the individual to decide on how they view things. There are certain common things though that help define a Wiccan philosophy. This post addresses the idea that the individual is all important. We each have an obligation to ourselves to survive as living beings. We must obtain food, water, and shelter in order to survive.

We must do this survival thing while ‘harming none’. This makes sense since there are many other humans and each one has the same obligation of survival as we do. Working together and allowing each person to make their efforts simply makes sense.

So as Wiccans or Witches whether beginners or experienced we must make sure that we are all set with our own survival. It seems that for survival needs we would need to practice as Solitary. Others have their own needs. Once we are comfortable that we will survive, then we can move on to other things. When in a Coven, the focus will be on intentions for the group as a whole, which is nice because being social is good and there is more energy with the right group of people together.

However, though a Coven could be nice, we must always remember to take care of ourselves. Take for example the Sabbats. These holidays are nice for celebrating if possible with the Coven, or friends and family or whatever combination of people. But it is very important, to take at least a moment; perhaps your own ritual, or meditation, in which to pay attention to your own needs and feelings at the particular time of year. 

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