Happy Ostara!

Happy Ostara from both of us. It’s almost warm, and the snow is almost gone. The first day of spring is such a great “almost” day, isn’t it?! We’re almost ready for vending at the Magical Marketplace in Nashua this weekend, almost ready to get some new products up in the store, and almost ready… Continue reading Happy Ostara!

What is eclectic paganism?

What do you do if you’re into pagan and witchy things, but not sure how to identify yourself when people ask? Are you a Wiccan? A Pagan? What does that even mean? It’s difficult these days figuring out any sort of identity when you’re challenged both by the sheer volume of philosophies and categories out there… Continue reading What is eclectic paganism?

The Water Element

Water is an easy element to work with, since we tend to come across it in our daily lives pretty frequently. Water represents flow, surrender, release, and the depths of our emotions and our subconscious. It’s closely tied to the moon, as the moon affects the waters of the earth as she moves through her… Continue reading The Water Element

About the Full Moon

Last night was the Full Moon in Virgo, and here in New England this one was kind of special. We haven’t had much snow, and when we have, it hasn’t lasted long. So it’s really cool to look out the window on the night of the full moon and see the light of the moon,… Continue reading About the Full Moon

Tarot’s Tough Talk On Love

We usually do a Monday Instagram post of a two-card tarot spread. I don’t think we remembered this week, so I figured I’d do a special one in anticipation of Valentine’s day. I pulled out the Two of Cups, for Love, and figured I’d randomly choose another and see what came up. The Cosmic Woman Tarot… Continue reading Tarot’s Tough Talk On Love

The Air Element

The element of Air is a little trickier to work with than Earth, which we talked about last week. I mean, we can’t see air, and it’s definitely less tangible than the other elements. You can feel Earth, Fire, and Water, but Air? Not so much. Air is about expansion, movement, quickness, and freedom. Air is… Continue reading The Air Element

Moon Journaling

The new moon just past marks for me the first month of actually working with our own Moon Journal (available in our Etsy store). We’ve been so busy the past few months I hadn’t even had a chance to use it! I figured I’d take  moment to write about my experience with it. I’ve tried to… Continue reading Moon Journaling