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New Moon Intentions
NewMoon Selections

New Moon Intentions

Over the course of the last few months we have talked a bit about the difficulty of setting goals and accomplishing them within moon cycles. After a short time, we realized that is not always practical or desirable. What seems to be better for moon work, and feel more natural and comfortable, is a layering approach. That is, given a chosen task, on each cycle, just do more or learn more. There does not have to be an end goal that has to be reached by a certain date. On each phase one can simply note what progress was made, where to focus next, and whether or not to continue on the same task.


This cycle I am going to continue on my focus on creating a meditation habit that I started last cycle. It has gone ok in the first cycle--I have done many small meditations and journalled on some of them. My focus in the meditations has been on the Brow Chakra.​

For this next cycle, I will try to do more medium and large sized meditation sessions (meditations were described in a previous blog post). I will continue for a while focus on the Brow Chakra. For this month's tarot card I will use the Stars. I will bring this card with me in meditations to aid in focusing on the creative energies associated with the card and with the Brow Chakra. For a chakra stone I will use the Lapis Lazuli, the Philosophers Stone, which goes with the Brow Chakra--and in my mind, it also goes with the Stars card. My oracle card this cycle is " Storytelling". This indicates I should focus on my current path especially as it relates to creativity. The stone for this card will be kyanite.


Last cycle, I was focusing on self-care rituals; though in retrospect I realized that working on it in that context caused a  focus on lack and scarcity.  Also, it seemed like the desire to "work on this thing" in a goal-oriented way for the moon cycle caused me to overlook what were perhaps more fundamental issues.

Rather than focus on a goal of Doing Something, I think what I'd like to do this month is just try and bring more energy and intent to something I already mean to be doing (and don't). I'd like to focus more on meditating this month, of showing up every day, more or less, even if it's only for a minute or two. Maybe I'll try in the mornings, or take a few minutes in the car when I'm waiting to pick someone up. I don't have any particular area I'm focusing on; rather, the intent is just to make space for change, and to reflect on what I'm thinking or feeling.

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