April Meditation

The meditation for this month revolves around the Brow Chakra or third eye chakra.
We repeat the basic structure of our meditation below because we learn by repetition.

You may want to have a journal ready so you can record any feelings, thoughts, and information you have after the meditation.​​
The basic steps:

* Sit relaxed and focus on the chakras from root to spirit.
* Stay silent as you feel the energy of each chakra.
* When you get to the crown chakra, imagine a sphere of white light pouring over you to protect you.
* Go to your favorite place and sit silent. Focus as stated below.

This is the meditation for April:
The intent of this meditation is to cleanse and balance the Brow Chakra. As you sit in your space, visualize an indigo-blue five pointed star between your eyebrows. Feel the energy of imagination and intuition. Think of what these things give you in life when you pay attention to them. Allow the feeling of knowing you have these powers to grow in you as the indigo-blue grows and fills your whole being with brilliant color.

Let your mind reflect on this until you are ready to end the meditation. End as you usually do and maybe write some words in your journal about your experience.

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