April Full Moon

Bird and Full Moon
Bird and Full Moon
Bird and Full Moon

Bird and Full Moon

Each full moon we review how we did with our new moon intentions, and see what worked and what didn't, and how we might want to change things for the next cycle.

DANIEL: The Full Moon comes so quickly! I have been meditating and journaling a little bit regularly and am starting to feel already that yes, I can make a habit out of this. My focus has been on the Brow Chakra in my meditations and I am beginning to get in touch with it more again. This is where our energy for many things lies; health, creativity, and intuition especially in the context of allowing and releasing these things into our lives. I will continue with this until the New Moon where I will begin a quieter more inward focus on these same things.

In order to help myself actually do meditations I have defined three levels of meditation. This way I can at least be successful in at least doing the mini-meditation as described here.

  • mini-meditation: focused thought before nap, or after yoga, or just a quiet sit down somewhere. Very simple, maybe 5 to 10 minutes.
  • medium-meditation: Sitting, use chakra focus, stones, maybe incense, music, and a candle. A purposeful relaxing sit-down somewhere comfortable.
  • major-meditation: This is the medium-meditation along with a full Circle Casting, and purposeful intent. For example hoping for an answer from the spirit guide, or learning something from deep within where all answers lie.

SUE: Well, damn. Next time I'm going first. I had all sorts of intentions for working on self-care, and what happens? It all goes to hell. I decide I'm going to take regular hot baths...and the overflow valve of the tub is apparently leaking. I'm going to exercise regularly...I end up feeling like crap for two weeks straight.  I think I waited too long to go for the "self-care" plan.

I've decided I really like Daniel's approach to breaking things down into "levels." It's obvious that many of the issues I have related to self-care is because I tend not to do any of the small things, and then by the time I decide I need to "do the things," I'm already worn out. So I think I'll try this again next month. 

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