Full Moon n Wolf

Last night was the Full Moon in Virgo, and here in New England this one was kind of special. We haven’t had much snow, and when we have, it hasn’t lasted long. So it’s really cool to look out the window on the night of the full moon and see the light of the moon, which is reflected itself, reflecting off the smooth layer of icy snow. Everything was so bright, we had to close the curtains so the light wouldn’t keep us up!

Working with the moon should be easy, you’d think, but people tend to complicate it. I’ve heard and read so many things about what you’re “supposed” to do on the full moon — how it’s time to harvest what you’ve worked on, or time to do rituals on fullness and completion. But one thing seems consistently true for me — it always seems to catch me by surprise. I mean, really — it’s just TWO WEEKS after the new moon. Who can get anything done in that time? When the full moon comes around, that’s about when I go “oh, crap, that STUFF I said I would do.” 

This is why we chose to work with the moon the way we do in our Moon Journal. The full moon, for us, isn’t about being DONE, but about putting in that final push to be done. Its focus is “To Will,” and its first journal prompt is “You have spent the past two weeks working at integrating something new into your life. Write about how you might keep your focus in this area strong.” 

This is always such a relief for me, having come from moon-shaming work in which I usually get to the full moon and just think “shit.” It’s ending up being totally natural to look at what I’ve done the past two weeks in an honest, gentle fashion, and then just think of how to put in the final push, key up my will, and really DO THE THING. The full moon isn’t a time to be done, but a time to illuminate, gently, what you’ve accomplished and commit to bringing it forward in your life. The moon cycle is gentle and constant, so you always have more chances.

Working with the moon is not a linear process of success or failure, as we’re used to in life. It’s about keeping at it, and making changes slowly but surely. We’d love to hear how you work with the moon, and if you’ve used our journal what you think of it. 

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