FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION: What’s the difference between a life coach and a therapist? While both of these can help you make major life changes, the difference is one of training and focus. A life coach works with people who are generally mentally well and who don’t have major issues that they know of, but who want to fine-tune their lives or work on specific areas that are less than satisfactory. A therapist is trained to help people with mental health issues or who want help working through intense, ingrained issues, such as grief or childhood body issues. It’s often really useful to have both: a life coach can help you create action items and identify things to work on as you talk through deeper issues with your therapist. Conversely, you might discover in working with a life coach that you’ve opened a big enough can of worms that you need a therapist!

If you’re wondering if coaching is right for you, a good coach will hopefully give you a free consultation so that you can see if the match is right for you. I certainly do that! If you’re interested, let me know!