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We also offer coaching and workshops for finding your own Wheel of the Year and working within your own cycles. Check the coaching site here for information.

For our products, the goal of Raven in a World Tree is to provide you with products and tools that will make your spiritual practice simpler and easier to incorporate in your day-to-day living. It was our impression that there are so many products on the market that it's easy to get paralyzed thinking you need so many different things in order to practice that you end up doing nothing.

With so many books and mentors out there suggesting the right way to do things with their own tools and correspondences, it's easy to think that spirituality is a thing of study, not of ordinary life. Yet, people used to follow the cycles of the seasons without having to think too hard about it. They didn't need special tools in order to connect with nature. They just did!

We want to provide you with simple products that we hope will help you honor the Wheel of the Year and your own sacred practice in a way that works for you and can be easily done without feeling like you need to impress anyone.

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