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Our mission is to create things that help inspire and motivate you to make your practice easier and integrate it with your life. The products and others below are all available in our Etsy Store.

Books and Toolkits

The Workbook and Toolkit Gift Bag

The Workbook of Shadows

There's so many books and mentors out there, that it's easy to feel overwhelmed, and get to the point where all you're doing is reading and never actually doing anything for yourself! We designed the Workbook of Shadows and the Wiccan Toolkit to give you the basics of what you need and empower you to create your own magic. We made a video to show you more about these products, which you can see  here on our YouTube channel.

All our workbooks are available in our Etsy Store, and on Amazon with Amazon Prime shipping. Check the Etsy listings for a description of each book. Check out our new workbooks, The Workbook of Sabbats and The Workbook of Tarot.

Raven's eye view tarot readings

We are pleased to be able to offer you customized tarot readings from a life coaching perspective. The future consists of infinite possibilities, affected every moment by your intentions and choices. Tarot cards help you better understand your past and present in order to empower you to move forward. Learn about our readings and see the different spreads available here at Raven's Eye View

coaching and workshops

We also offer coaching and workshops for finding your own Wheel of the Year and working within your own cycles. Contact us for availability

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